On Codes of Conduct

Disclaimer: This is all personal opinion and as such, should be taken as my view of the world, and not fact.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have noticed me banging on a lot about conferences and codes of conduct lately. You’ll probably be a bit bored about my constant posturing by now, and I know I’ve lost followers because of it, so I’d like to brain dump what I think of codes of conduct, and why, in my opinion, they are so important.

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Composer Basics

From my experiences in #zftalk Zend Framework support channel on Freenode, it seems that lots of people still don’t understand the fundamental rules of using Composer in production. So I thought I’d run through some of the basic ideas behind using composer in development and production.

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I’m Available!

The deed is done. I’ve formally given the nice people at Yamgo/AdSpruce my notice to leave the company. While this is really a sad day for me overall, it’s also an exciting one. I’ve had a great time here in Swansea Bay and feel like I’ve made an amazing contribution to the development of an SDK that is now delivering 10m requests daily.

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Less is More

(or how I stopped blindly including shit in my composer.json)

I have absolutely no doubt this post will be largely disagreed upon by many in the PHP community, but I’ve had a terrible day and I’m hoping that the process of just getting this off my chest will be therapeutic in some way.

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