I’m Available!

The deed is done. I’ve formally given the nice people at Yamgo/AdSpruce my notice to leave the company. While this is really a sad day for me overall, it’s also an exciting one. I’ve had a great time here in Swansea Bay and feel like I’ve made an amazing contribution to the development of an SDK that is now delivering 10m requests daily.

The upshot is that I am now looking for new challenges. I’m a developer who has been working as a CTO for the last 18 months, and I’m looking for interesting and exciting work in the world of Web Development. I’m particularly keen on companies who are looking for senior developers with guidance on architectural decisions, and managing a team of less experienced developers.

I’m an open source contributor and member of the always-awesome PHP community.

I also speak at conferences (around 3-4 a year presently), and I’m completely set on continuing that. The positive for a potential employer is that I’ll be attending conferences around the world, so you are getting exposure as a company who hires developers that are involved in the PHP community.

2014-01-28 07.31.43-2

Some elePHPants I own to break up this wall of text.

I’m very interested in a Developer Relations/Advocate position (solely or as part of a Developer role). I love meeting and conversing with other developers, and if I can do that as part of a position to help develop a product I believe in then that sounds like a great job for me. Ideally roles will be full-time and permanent or long-term contract, and the employment will be handled through the amazing team at Roave.

There are downsides. I’m based in Swansea and I’m not particularly interested in relocating. As an experienced remote worker this should not be too much of a problem for lots of companies, but I completely understand if this is an issue for some. If you’re based in the UK or willing to pay flights from Cardiff airport, then some or all on-site is possible depending on negotiation.

I’d love you to get in touch if you are interested in discussing opportunities. I’m not available full-time until the end of July, but I can be available on a part-time basis before that if it’s helpful.

Skype me: garyhockin

Email: gary@hock.in

Tweet: @GeeH


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