Installing PhpStorm on WSL2 Ubuntu

Mega quick notes on how I finally managed to install PhpStorm on Windows 11 WSL2 Ubuntu VM so that it starts in the XLaunch window server.

I have no idea what I’m doing so the terminology is probably completely wrong.

Let me know if this helps you on Twitter @GeeH

In Windows 11, install VCXSRV from – I have no idea if this is needed or not but I’d already done it 🤷.

Enable systemd (from

Create a file at /etc/wsl.conf containing:


Start snap at startup:

sudo systemctl unmask snapd.service
sudo systemctl enable snapd.service
sudo systemctl start snapd.service

Install PhpStorm using Snap

sudo snap install phpstorm --classic

Install Java

sudo apt install default-jre

Start PHP storm with phpstorm


Installing Docker

Setting up Docker so it can be used by logged in user

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