ZF2 for the ZF1 Developer – The Webinar

I know lots of people have been waiting a long time for Part 3 of this series, I can only apologies for the delay, and hope that this post somehow makes up for the wait!

In February I gave a talk on behalf of Zend which compiled parts one and two of this series, plus the non-written part
three into a spoken talk that included code examples. The video is included here for all your viewing pleasure:

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ZendOAuth2Client maybe?

Recently I’ve been working a lot on trying to get OAuth2 support into beta 4 of Zend Framework 2, and there were a few challenges. Allowing the client to consume the variety of  providers out there proved to be the first.  There have been several drafts of the OAuth2 specification, and providers have implemented a variety of the drafts. As each of the drafts have subtle differences, the client needs to be able to have a default configuration that can be over-ridden on a per-provider basis.

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